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Customised production...

Detalle Ticketing 5RC

At SITECO we can customise our standard products to your needs. From the case’s and components´ exterior design to the computer program that controls the payment system.

TWe offer a completely customised service, with a distinguished result, even for smaller orders.

...with a satisfaction guarantee

Since 1995 we have worked in the management and automation of vending systems, applications and product and service payment systems all in a variety of sectors:
transportation, food services, sports facilities, stadiums, discothèques, theme parks, public administration, hospitals, barracks, ski resorts and precinct admissions and many more.

Our experience is our guarantee that allows us to execute continuous improvements to ensure our delivery times and obtain our customers´ satisfaction.

Technical Support

The best support is the trust we provide in our fast post-sales service via direct contact with our technicians.


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We use the best components:

Omron Ardac Elite Money Controls Azkoyen Mars Electronics