Automatic payment and ticket machines


01. Consulting

We are committed to giving our clients the solution that best suits them. From initial contact, we establish a team with extensive experience and training. It is a turnkey solution process, where aspects such as hardware and software are fully customized according to need.

02. Custom Manufacturing

We handle the manufacturing and assembly of our own machines.
We are always aware of which components make up our management machines and we carefully select them from the best on the market. In addition, our machines are equipped with industrial communication and integration systems that allow us to adapt to all kinds of needs.

03. Maintenance and After-Sales Service

Our payment machines have more than 20 years of uninterrupted operation.
We owe this to our technical team with a long professional record and an absolute dedication to service.
We offer service contracts to all of our clients, including annual product revisions.

04. Training

Our goal is to empower our clients with machine that has been installed.
At Siteco, we educate the client on the functionalities they have at their disposal (accounting, configuration, and more.)

05. Online Tech Support

Because our machines are equipped with the latest communication technologies, tech support can be provided remotely by our highly qualified technical team.

06. Rent to Buy

Our goal is to adapt to the real needs of our customers. We offer rentals with the option to buy, which is an advantage for short-term projects (swimming pools, ice rinks, etc.)